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Since a very early age I remember taking an interest in paper money. Not the type of interest one would expect of a child, but a keen interest in the depictions, designs, and histories of the banknotes that I both handled and owned. I don't remember the exact year, but I do remember the moment when I decided that one day I would collect paper money as a hobby: I was examining a handful of Canadian banknotes, which I was about to spend on some hockey cards, video games, and candy, and I carefully put a couple of two dollar bills into a side pocket, stowed away as the first banknotes of a future collection.

I no longer know where those two notes are, though I have seen them now and again when I do a spring cleaning of my house. However, since I started collecting paper money in the summer of 2006 I have amassed a beautiful collection, and spend a lot of my time writing about and collecting paper money. I have come to know a few very good people in the online paper money community and a lot of historical, economical, and geographical knowledge has piled up in my brain as a result of collecting paper money. I have found that this hobby can be profitable, as well as educational, and so I spend a lot of my time and money investing in paper money, as I learn about the world in the process.

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